• Blue tulips sketchbook

    Did you ever see blue tulips?

    Did you ever see blue tulips in shops or gardens? I didn’t. So I decided to sketch some. Here is what I get in my sketchbook so far.     I fell in love with this result. Seriously:-) And it was so natural to make next step – run to PC and create tulip repeat. This one:     After that one more fun part started – just enjoyed trying out new pattern on fashion sketch. It is going to be nice textile print. What do you think?  

  • Artist's Life

    19 Random Facts About Me

    I’ve been blogging for few years, and I’ve never really taken the time to introduce myself. You know, revealing some unknown things about yourself can be so nerve wracking, so I used to put off doing it. (procrastination rules!) It was until I’ve realized that random fact posts about bloggers are so awesome, you can learn a lot of interesting things about the person within a few minutes. So, I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy reading these nice random facts about me. Enjoy! 1. I didn’t paint with watercolor for 10 years. Until now. 2. My favorite drink is water. Yes, it’s delicious. 3. I’m addicted to chocolate. My favorite dessert…

  • Artist's Life

    New Home..

    Do you know that excitement when you move to a new place? Soft trembling and happiness somewhere around your heart, you know it? That’s it! I have such feeling now because my new blog is just starting a beautiful journey. Yes! There is still a lot of work ahead to make it a cozy place, but I already can proudly say – welcome to my new home. I’m Natalia – illustrator and surface pattern artist, who creates fashion illustrations and standout patterns for a lot of beautiful things from fabric through to creative stationery.     I’m going to fill the blog with fashion sketches, surface pattern designs, process videos…