How to take part in the “Draw This in Your Style” challenges

How to take part in the “Draw This in Your Style” challenges

I recently took part in my very first #drawthisinyourstyle challenge hosted by awesome artist Janice Sung. It was quite interesting to see what could I make of her art. I was surprised when I realized that I kind of got my own style. Woah! Plus received really good feedback from Instagram community and my awesome followers. ♡ Actually, here is my version of the illustration:

Illustration by Natalia Kodi

What is #drawthisinyourstyle

This hashtag is pretty popular on Instagram, and so fun to use. The artist who hosts such challenge create an illustration and ask followers to re-draw/recreate it in their own style. Of course, the artist uses his own hashtag and #drawthisinyourstyle or #dtiys to make it viral. As you see it’s pretty simple!

How to take part in the challenge

Just search on Instagram #drawthisinyourstyle. Open an illustration you like most. There will be written who hosts this challenge in description. // Well, I hope it’s written. Don’t blame me if not 🙂 // Go to the host’s page and read the challenge rules carefully. Done! You are ready to create awesome stuff and share it to million Instagram community!

It often happens artists you follow already hosting such challenges. In this case, things go much easier. #drawthisinyourstyle comes directly to your Instagram home feed 🙂

By the way, here’s the original by Janice Sung, who’s an awesome artist:

I hope this small note will help you with #drawthisinyourstyle challenge.

Take care of you & yours🖤


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