New Home..

New Home..

Do you know that excitement when you move to a new place? Soft trembling and happiness somewhere around your heart, you know it? That’s it! I have such feeling now because my new blog is just starting a beautiful journey. Yes! There is still a lot of work ahead to make it a cozy place, but I already can proudly say – welcome to my new home.

Girl illustration by Natalia Kodi

I’m going to fill the blog with fashion sketches, surface pattern designs, process videos and photos of ready products with my artworks. Also, you will find stories here about the struggles and troubles in the artist’s life, how to deal with them and be happy. I’m constantly inspired to learn how to be happy and I hope that my art adventure will inspire you as well.

Tulips pattern by Natalia Kodi

Also, you can find me on  Facebook and  Instagram.

Abstract leaves pattern design by Natalia Kodi

P.S: This is starting point of growing my own creative world and thank you that you are right here! I appreciate it a lot.

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