The Complete Guide to Natalia Kodi world or an alternative to Q&A

The Complete Guide to Natalia Kodi world or an alternative to Q&A

I’m that person who wants to keep things organized and clear. That’s why I decided to put everything you need to know about my creative life in one single post. You will discover here: who I am, what I do, where you can find my artworks and about dozen other stuff. I’m pretty sure that this post will be updated from time to time. Well, I hope so.

Who I am?

I’m an illustrator who makes seamless patterns, creates characters and custom made portraits. I help turn great ideas into standout artworks that meet your story.

People use my services when they want to surprise their loved ones with custom portraits; or want to get never unseen before pattern with zebra & lotus flower for their dresses; or would like to turn yourself into a long necked character. I work in digital, so it allows to use any color we want. Yes, any.🤩  Even “that awesome pink from perfume ad” and “this most whiter white in the world”.

My Fiverr profile presents the most relevant services I have for now. I’m going to use this platform to complete all orders in the near future because it’s safe and easy to work with. If you are familiar with this platform, please write about your experience in the comment section below. I’m new there and will be grateful for any recommendations🙏🏻

Custom portrait by Natalia Kodi
Custom portrait by Natalia Kodi

My art on social

On the Facebook page along with Instagram you can find my most recent artworks, learn my style and enjoy experimenting with collage art. I regularly publish news about products with my illustrations from shops.  My current favorites are  Readbubble – for gifts and Spoonflower – for custom fabric.

Pattern by Natalia Kodi


There is one more thing you should know. I’m curating YeahIllustration Gallery on Instagram. The main purpose of this gallery is to bring together the best artists and their works in one place. I really want to grow a passionate community where all artists can find support & feedback; show works & share their success. I’m only at the beginning of this huge journey and it’s very exciting to find out where this journey will lead me in the end. We will see.

Well, it seems I touched  all topics of my creative life. If you feel that something is unclear  just comment below. I will be happy to start a discussion:)

Thank you for being here.

Stay positive and take care of you & yours❤️

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